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1A 25
Edmund Henry Parker (1858-1924). A partner in Mortlock's Bank, vice Chairman in the new Barclays Bank when founded in 1888, Mayor of Cambridge in 1893. High Steward of the County in 1923.

1B 1
Arthur Beak Heffer (1899-1931). Son of Louisa Marion Heffer (1870-1939) and Ernest William Heffer (1871-1948) founders of Heffers Bookshop.

1E 1
John Douglas Cockcroft (1897-1967). First Master of Churchill College and physicist.

1G 14
Sir James Frazer, anatomical anthropologist died 1945 Author of “The Golden Bough”.

1H 1
George Edward Moore (1873-1958). Fellow of Trinity and Professor of Philosophy - followed in his Chair by Wittgenstein. Principia Ethica was his main work and he edited the journal Mind.


2B 19
George Ernest Newson (1874-1934). Master of Selwyn.

2B 11
Courtney Stanhope Kenny (1847-1930). Downing Professor of English Law.

2B 14
John Buckley Bradbury (1841-1930). Professor of Medicine and a Lt Col in the R.A.M.C.

2B 24
Sir Horace Lamb (1849-1934). Mathematician including Professor of Medicine in Adelaide and Manchester Universities.

2B 28
Raja Mohd Baqir Khan (1901-1923) from Chakwal India of St Catherine's College.

2B 33
Arthur Woollgar Verrall (1851-1912). Fellow of Trinity and King Edward VII Professor of English Literature.

2B 36
William Luard Raynes (1868-1961). Member of Pembroke College, Solicitor in Practice, Mayor of Cambridge twice.

2B 42
Alexander MacAlister (d.1919). Fellow of St John's. Professor of Anatomy and Egyptologist and his son Robert Alexander Stewart MacAlister (1870-1950) of St John's College, Egyptologist, excavated Gezar.

2B 54
Jomed Ullah (1930-1966) of Ranjnager Sylhet, East Pakistan.

2B 60
Suna Meah (1919-1964) also of Ranjnager Sylhet.

2C 23
William Emerton Heitland, Classics scholar, and his wife Margaret who was a prominent suffragette.

2C 27
Horace Darwin (1851-1928). Son of Charles Darwin, Fellow of Trinity College and founder of Cambridge Scientific Instrument Company. Also his wife Ida Darwin (1854-1946) left her estate to found a school for disabled children, which bears her name.

2C 33
Michael James Farrell (1926-1975). Economist and Fellow of Gonville and Caius. Caught polio in adult life and recovered after being in an iron lung.

2C 48
Arthur Stanley Ramsey (1867-1954). Mathematician, President of Magdalene College. His wife Mary Agnes (1875-1927), his son Frank Plumpton Ramsey: (1903-1930). Another son became Archbishop of Canterbury.

2C 52
Henry Martyn Taylor (1842-1927). Fellow of Trinity College, Alderman of the town and Mayor. He became blind and then developed Braille and extended its use to textbooks.

2C 54
Henry Kendal Bushe-Fox (1863-1916). Fellow and Tutor St John's College in Law.

2C 55
Arthur Christopher Benson (1868-1925). President of Magdalene College, historian and son of an Archbishop of Canterbury.

2D 1
Augustus Arturus Vansittart (1824-1882). Fellow of Trinity and classics scholar. Collated the New Testament

2D 2
Alfred Marshall (1842-1924). Fellow of St John's. Professor of Economics 1885-1908 founded modern subject of Economics. His wife used his estate to found Marshall Library and Marshall Society.

2D 3
Ludovic Calthorpe Luard (1800-1879), classics scholar.

2D 5
John Couch Adams (1819-1892). Founded the Observatory and the modern study of Astronomy. He first observed Neptune and although deposited his findings at the Greenwich Observatory he did not publish them.

2D 11
Edmund Carrer (1824-1904). Fellow of St John's and Registrar of Addenbrookes Hospital where he developed anaesthetic techniques.

2D 13
Francis Pattrick (1837-1896). Fellow, Tutor and President of Magdalene College.

2D 14
Richard Appleton (1849-1908). Fellow of Trinity, Vicar of St. George's Camberwell, Vicar of Ware and Master of Selwyn College.

2D 16
William Swannel (Died 1902) his son William George Swannel (1862-1889) interred at Alexandria Egypt. The family owned a large grocers shop in Trinity Street.

2D 18/19
Francis Slater (1837-1897). Vicar of the Parish of St Giles for 22 years, wife Anne nee Lassiter (1822-1898). Daughter Anne married George Braybrooke of Magdalene College. Therefore this is the grave of the Grandparents of the late Lord Braybrooke of Audley End House.

2D 28
George Smee (1837-1902) a local Solicitor the monument is said to have been designed by Epstein.

2D 34
Sir Francis Darwin (1848-1925) son of Charles Darwin, who was an expert on Wild Orchids and wrote his father's biography. "The life and letters of Charles Darwin”. Frances Cornford (1886-1960) his daughter a poetess. Lettering reputedly by Eric Gili.

2D 39
Tristram Frederick Croft Huddleston (1848 - 1936). Fellow of Kings College. His son Purefoy Gauntlet Huddleston (1886-1916) who fell at Ypres.

2D 46
Sir John Sandys (1844-1922). Orator of the University.

2D 47
Henry Jackson (1839-1921). Vice Master of Trinity College. Professor of Greek.

2D 49
John Bascombe Lock (1849-1921). Fellow and Bursar of Gonville and Caius College, Deacon of Ely, Chairman of Addenbrookes Hospital and one of the founders of Gog Magog Golf Club, he oversaw the construction of many University buildings and wrote books on Trigonometry.

2D 50
Vincent Henry Stanton (1846-1924). Fellow of Trinity College and Professor of Divinity.

2G 2
Sir Frederick Gowland Hopkins (1861-1947). Fellow of Trinity College and his wife Jessie Ann (1871-1956). "For 49 years she kept the cares of the world at bay from him".


3H 10
Squadron Leader Hezaltine (1916-1961) flew from Oakington Airbase and crashed on the Isle of Man. Other R.A.F. graves commemorate people who died while serving at Oakington aerodrome.


4I 2
Sir Richard Claverhouse Jebb (1841-1905). Fellow of Trinity and Regis Professor of Greek. M.P. for the University and Public Orator. Wrote works on Sophocles.

4I 7
William Aldis Wright (1831-1914). Vice Master of Trinity College and Shakespearian Scholar.

4I 9
Walter William Rouse Ball (1850-1926). Fellow and Tutor of Trinity College a member of the Inner Temple wrote works on History of Mathematics and endowed the chairs of Mathematics and Law.

4I 14
Basil Edward Hamond (1842-1916). Tutor and Fellow of Trinity College, Historian and his wife Margaret, daughter of Francis Slater.

4I 18
John Eyton Bickersteth Mayor (1825-1910). Fellow and President of St John's College, Professor of Latin and an early vegetarian.

4I 19
Walter William Skeat (1835-1912). Fellow of Christ College and Professor of Anglo Saxon, he wrote on Langland, Chaucer and early English Poets. A particularly fine kerb.

4I 30
James Franklin Bethine-Baker (1861-1951). Fellow and Dean of Pembroke College and Professor of Divinity.

4I 36
Sir Robert Stawell Ball (1840-1913). Professor of Astronomy, Director of the Observatory and Astronomer Royal.

4I 39
Sir Arthur Stanley Eddington (1883-1944). Professor of Astronomy and Director of the Observatory, he was a Fellow of Trinity College, published on popular relativity.

41 40
Robert Heath Lock (1879-1915). Fellow of Gonville and Caius College, Curator of the Herbarium, researched and developed rubber plants.

4C 52
Eliza Nevin (1852-1928), also Charlotte Angas Scott (1853-1931) first women wrangler in Mathematics Tripos 1880 of Girton College.


5I 13
Sir Donald MacAlister of Tarbet Cantire (1854-1934) Principal and Chancellor of Glasgow University, Editor of British Pharmacopoeia.

5A 1
William Varney Webb (1869-1936). Chief Constable of Cambridge 1919. 1935.

5A 8
Agnes Bell Collier (1860-1930). Vice Principal of Newnham College, Mathematies Tripos 1883.

5D 31
Ludwig Wittgenstein (1889-1951). Professor of Philosophy and Fellow of Trinity. His main work, Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus, was published in 1923. The grave of Elizabeth Anscombe (1919-2001) and Peter Geach (1916-2013) is corner-to-corner with Wittgenstein's.


6C 44
Sir Denis William Brogan (1900-1974) Originator of the Transatlantic Quiz.

6C 45
Lucy Slater M.A. (1893-1975) Classics Scholar. Stone by Charlotte Hull.

6D 24
Charles George Swann (1891-1970) and his wife Hilda May Swann (1898-1983).

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