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Resources for Authors

This page provides resources for authors. For software, please see the Software Resources page.

A LaTeX Style for Books

The .tex file available at the first link below gives the style that I used for the book Confidence in Claims. It includes several comments that explain what the LaTeX commands do, and some commands that are commented out but that you might wish to uncomment in order to achieve certain effects.

The file contains both the commands that produce the style and some text, all in one file. The text includes some additional hints on the use of LaTeX. For the style commands as a separate file, to be used with a file for a book that pulls in a .sty file, see the file available at the second link below (which also includes other material).

The third link is to a PDF file that shows how the .tex file looks when compiled.

If you like the style, you are welcome to use it or adapt it to your requirements.

.tex file of the style

Text to copy and paste to create files

PDF file showing the style

A Writing System

When writing a substantial text, it is important to have a system that will keep everything organized.

The document below sets out a system. The first link is to a .tex file, which you may wish to edit to produce a system adapted to your own requirements. The second link is to a PDF file compiled from the .tex file. The third link is to a file of text that you can copy and paste to create files of the types recommended by the system.

.tex file of the system

PDF file of the system

Text to copy and paste to create files

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