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The link above is to a chronology which is stored as a repo on Gitlab (the repo's name is "open"). It is an Obsidian vault. You can download it as a whole, and open it in Obsidian. You can also read individual pages in a text editor, as they are Markdown files.

The vault contains pages for people of significance, arranged in chronological order. The people are mostly, but not exclusively, people of cultural significance, such as philosophers, writers and artists.

The intention is to provide a starting point for people who want to compile their own chronologies. You are free to download the whole repo or any part of it, to add text to pages, to add your own pages, to delete pages you do not want, to change the style of pages, and to circulate the results of you own work. But you must not claim any intellectual property rights in the repo as it exists here.

The selection of people is haphazard. Some minor figures are included and some major ones have not yet been added. This reflects the fact that people get added as and when they attract my attention. I shall continue to add to the collection.

The text in individual entries is also scanty - often just dates and links to Wikipedia entries. Some entries will be filled out in time, but you will probably want to add your own text on people who are of interest to you.

There are some list pages for categories of people, and then pages for individuals and their works.

The list pages have names that start aa-list. These pages rely on tags (philosopher, writer, and so on) which are inserted in the front matter of pages for individuals. They require the Dataview Obsidian plugin.

Then there are pages for individuals born in years BC which start bc then have a number that is 10,000 minus the year of birth, then the year of birth. If dates are unknown, arbitrary but plausible ones are used.

Then there are pages for individuals born in years AD which start cad then have the year of birth.

This numbering system is designed to make the pages appear in chronological order (after the pages of lists) when they are listed alphabetically.

Other pages have names that start with letters after c, so they come after the pages for people.

There is also a default template in the templates folder.

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