Richard Baron


Published papers

Ethics in Government. Philosophy Now, number 54, February/March 2006, pages 34-37. Link

The Ethics of Taxation. Philosophy Now, number 90, May/June 2012, pages 26-28. Link

If a Lion Could Talk, We Could Not Understand Him. Ethical Record, volume 111, number 4, May 2006, pages 9-12. Link

More or Less Capitalism? (written with Graeme Leach). IoD Big Picture, number 7, June 2010. Link

Prejudice or Reason. Ethical Record, volume 110, number 7, July/August 2005, pages 6-9. Link

Science, Humanities, Religion: How Many Conflicts? Ethical Record, volume 116, number 3, March 2011, pages 20-23. Link

The Search For A Tax Ethic. The Tax Policy Debate: A Matter for Society as a Whole (FEE, 2015), pages 147-153. Link

When is Certainty Justifiable? Ethical Record, volume 118, number 9, October 2013, pages 3-7. Link

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