Projects and Values

by Richard Baron

This book puts forward an ethic, a foundation for our values. The ethic goes beyond what can be derived from the facts of nature, without being supernatural. It makes our values as strong a guide to action as our science, but it does not reduce our values to scientific facts.

The ethic is that the serious pursuit of our chosen projects is a central good. It is easy, as well as right, to believe that we should set ourselves goals and strive to achieve them. But this simple starting-point can bring extensive benefits. It supports individualistic values. It throws light on the value of knowledge and of beauty. Finally, it deepens our understanding of the concept of the person.

The book is now open-access, under the CC BY-ND 4.0 licence.

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The ISBN is 0-7552-0250-3 (10-digit format) or 978-07552-0250-8 (13-digit format).

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